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What are CFDs?

Read in 2 mins What are CFDs? CFDs or Contracts For Difference are a flexible alternative to traditional trading. Use CFDs to trade on the rise and fall of various financial markets without owning the underlying asset.

Learning to trade a stock market crash

Read in < 1 min A stock market crash is a fast, substantial price drop in a large number of shares on a stock market. Volatile by definition these events provide ample opportunity for savvy traders to profit.

Trading psychology and how to master it

Read in 2 mins Understanding your mental state can help you take control of your emotions. That minimises the impact that successes and failures can have on your future trades.

Learn How to Trade

Read in 2 mins Once you get your head on straight, you can start learning trading, starting with these basic steps provided by Pure Market Broker.

How to calculate Return On Investment (ROI)

Read in < 1 min Return on investment gives the investor the opportunity to evaluate the performance of an investment. An investor can compare ROI to others investments in his or her portfolio and see which one was the most profitable.

Beginners Education